Our history

The warp and weft

The walls of the estate "Fogge" about the history of Weaving Giaquinto, tell the strength of Mamma Francesca and his daring courage, who pushed her in the thirties of the last century, to purchase the first frame and when I look around, I seem to see her again, small but strong, with a drive that also supports me in difficult times. And then his voice, which urged us when we were kids, to encourage us in the work. That's why I love this place and the sounds that are heard are the same as before, as if he had stopped and the years had never passed.

Today, however, I am, Cosimo, to open the door to welcome the guests who decide to come and visit us to purchase our leaders and with me is Francis, who has inherited from her grandmother, the same passion for this work, which fills life and my other daughter Katiuscia.

<< times the texture mark the times of our family >>, Francis repeats often when we chat and it fills me with pride, for these words explain what the ' art of weaving is in harmony with our soul.

The Family Giaquinto with patient work has transformed, in fact, the limited resources available, in a landmark, known throughout Italy, but especially the heirs of grandmother Francesca have improved, perfecting it, first example of female entrepreneurship Salento.

These sacrifices have been repaid in full, thanks to the enthusiasm needed to give up sometimes to Sunday rest or to prolong their working hours.

The quality and uniqueness of handicrafts Giaquinto are revealed by history spanning a century, from the slow and patient preparation of yarn for weaving, with the same times Grandma Francesca took when he started and when the card was daily activity, for the trousseau of her daughters "female".

The history Weaving Giaquinto is the story of Salento, women silent and tireless workers, who gathered in a courtyard, weaving or embroidering a large extended family.