Weaving Giaquinto

Three generations of master weavers

Gagliano del Capo is a small village in the South of Salento, between sea and countryside, inhabited by simple and strong and here is the Weaving Giaquinto , with inside, Family Giaquinto, always at work, Cosimo father, mother Antoinette and his sons Francesco and Katyusha.

A fairy-tale aura surrounds this laboratory, a soft cotton dust in the air, to create the magic of the threads of the plot changing, cleverly arranged on the frame and secure by expert hands that have always seen do it that way, enriching, day after day of a timeless art.

Cosimo Giaquinto, the handover from the mother, wanted the production processes remain intact. Therefore, when in the 80s the old frames 'shuttle' were mostly replaced by modern equipment 'clamp', understood that respect for tradition and craftsmanship would assured in the future best products and unique workmanship.
  When every morning and coming here to get the license plate read memorativa for my mother Francesca, the first woman to head a company, to be registered with the Chamber of Commerce of Lecce, I think we often work is not all roses.

If you decide to start a business with your name, discover how much weight this legacy. But, the secret of our desire to do it right in the family and the rewards will repay the effort.

When the thread becomes a simple fabric and then packaged, changes again and becomes tablecloth, sheet or bedspread, you feel gratified at last, as if your son was grown and had grown up, thanks to your teachings.

So, each of us has a job, at home. The secret of a good quality fabric is a warp made a work of art. That's why I revealed the secrets of the old frames, wooden ones of the mid-twentieth century, which we still use, my son Francis. Reproduce the creations that studies and sketches still my wife Antonietta, all original Jacquard, with fruit, flowers and other fantasies. The final finishing are the work of skilled seamstresses, also daughters of this land, which has made them masters of this art expert and patients. While the commercial aspect is taken care of by my daughter Katiuscia, flanked by her husband Rocco.

Just so you can get a high quality, the uniqueness of the product, working with totally handmade and the same spirit as when we started, which is renewed every time a customer choo